What is AVSE Global?​

AVSE Global – Association of Vietnamese Scientists and Experts is a Paris-headquartered organization of Vietnamese scientists and experts with a global reach, pioneering in strategic advisory, top executive education programs, and science and policy forums, bringing innovative solutions for the sustainable development of Vietnam, through connecting collective intellectual strengths of Vietnamese talented experts and intellectuals worldwide with strong aspirations to contribute to the country’s progress.

The 5 Main Activities of AVSE

Policy Advisory

We consult in a variety of levels. Overall, we create economic and social development strategies and plans for provinces, from the North to the South, in the national dynamic chain. Specifically, we interface with organizations related to talent attraction, digitalization, technology, innovation, and branding through tailor-made programs. We gain the advantages…



AVSE Global aims to bring the world’s most advanced and modern knowledge to leadership in development to contribute to Vietnam’s prosperous and sustainable development. To do this, we have been building and organizing learner-centered education and training programs, based on the strengths of AVSE Global, combined with the research, analysis,…


Research & Development

AVSE Global’s Research and Development (R&D) Department brings together a network of more than 2000 scientists and experts from 20 countries around the globe. R&D activities are organized in many forms such as international seminars, strategic consulting projects, research reports, etc. on topics and fields such as education, finance, macroeconomics,…


Conferences & Forums

We organize several conferences and forums in Vietnam every year to provide international exchange platforms for global leaders and stakeholders (policymakers, academics, businesses, entrepreneurs, and NGOs) to present and discuss worldwide initiatives, practices, and visionary trends in various domains. 2,000 +++ Attendees per year +40 Countries +16 Events +30 Partners…


Strategy & Innovation

An essential requirement for every country today is to actively respond in a timely and flexible manner to the challenge of building efficient strategy for a sustainable and resilient economy based on knowledge, technology, high-qualified labor force, and innovation. The Innovation & Strategy Directorate at AVSE Global aims at providing…


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