Strategy & Innovation

An essential requirement for every country today is to actively respond in a timely and flexible manner to the challenge of building efficient strategy for a sustainable and resilient economy based on knowledge, technology, high-qualified labor force, and innovation. The Innovation & Strategy Directorate at AVSE Global aims at providing cutting-edge and timely reports on economic policies and innovation strategies for Vietnam’s top leaders. Our strategies seek to build the country’s self-reliance, its integration in the global value chains and its sustainable development to cope with regional and global challenges such as climate change, unconventional security, and fair trade cooperation.

V-Space is Vietnam’s first innovation platform, empowered by a network of more than 10,000 experts globally.
  • “V” stands for Vietnam – Virtual – Victory – Verified & Viable Mentoring, and “Space” represents an Unlimited Space of Knowledge, Space of Opportunities, and Space of Connection.
  • Talents in V-Space can gain KNOWLEDGE to grow, connect with REAL TALENTS to populate and realize ideas, and have their own SPACE to create INNOVATION.
  • We offer tailor-made campaigns for enterprises to attract their target talents or to seek cluster solutions.
Recognizing the role of innovation and digital transformations in fostering resilient and sustainable growth strategies, it is essential for every country today to actively respond in a timely and flexible manner to the challenge of building an efficient strategy for a sustainable and resilient economy based on knowledge, technology, a high-qualified labor force, and innovation.


Hack4Growth is an international innovation contest series launched by AVSE Global, under the patronage of the State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese – Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This contest aims to promote the startup ecosystem and the sustainable development of Vietnam by implementing practical and community-oriented solutions.
• Vision & Concept
We are keen to support ideas and solutions towards the country’s sustainable development and innovation.
• Stakeholders
Hack4Growth and AVSE Global are willing to leverage our global network of 10,000 world-class scientists and experts across 20 countries to support the contest participants and stakeholders.
• Post-H4G Support
We are a trusted partner to all participants & H4G teams during and after the contest. In addition to mentoring and training, we also provide networking and matching opportunities among outstanding teams, potential investors, and partners.
• Attractive Prizes
We offer special prizes from our partners, such as cash prizes, Amazon Web Services credits, and dinner dates with influencers to inspire and nurture innovative concepts and prominent founding teams.

UK AlumnInspire is an innovative mentoring program designed for UK alumni who are social enterprise founders and UK alumni in Vietnam. Our program offers a 1:1 mentoring session, an online master course, and an offline networking event. We use an AI-based platform, V-Space (, to provide E2E service and personalized support to social entrepreneurs. Our mentoring support aims to help social enterprises improve their business skills, expand their networks, and access new opportunities for sustainable growth and social impact. We believe in cost and environmental efficiency, and as a majority of program content is provided online, we strive to create a sustainable network. According to the British Council (2019), there are more than 19,000 potential social enterprises in Vietnam, and they need support to overcome their barriers. UK AlumnInspire is committed to bridging the gap and providing impactful solutions for UK graduates in Vietnam.

100 UK Alumni were selected for 2 online master courses, 50 candidates were onboarded to a 1:1 mentoring program, and 100 candidates for an offline meeting event (31/10/2023).