Medical Transmissional Researcher Network


The vision and mission of the Medical Tranmisional Researcher Network includes

  1. Coordinating domestic and foreign resources to promote the development of the country’s medicine, both in terms of expertise and scientific research. This collaboration and transmission of knowledge is a premise to improve Vietnamese people’s quality of life and health.
  2. Building a global medicine network based on three pillars of thinking: comprehensive, global, and sustainable. Expand connections with leading experts, seek international development cooperation opportunities, and create learning and development opportunities for bamboo talents.
  3. Updating knowledge and information on medical, physical, and mental health care in a scientific, correct manner for medical staff and people

Network Director

Thi Thu Hien Nguyen, Ph.D.
Clinical Academic/ Senior Clinical Scientist

Hien Thi Thu Nguyen graduated bachelor degree in Genetic from College of Science, National University, Vietnam in 2002; and completed her PhD in microbial biotechnology in 2012 from Aalborg University, Denmark. Presently she employed as Clinical Academic/ Senior Research Scientist at the Department of Molecular Diagnostics, Aalborg University Hospital.

Hien’s research expertise is in clinical research, and complex mixed microbial systems. She has strong profile within NMR-based metabolomics and biomarker development on different medical research, include liver disease, liver cancer, endometroid cancer, Covid-19, pancreatic cancer, healthy subjects; and microbial profiling. She has been involving in many different projects in both medical research, and microbial biotechnology. She is a dedicated, committed researcher, experienced in international collaboration, and an enthusiastic, effective supervisor with a passion for solving challenging problems in medical and biological science.

Hien is member of the Vietnam Journal of Biotechnology Editorial Board; and mentor of Lead The Talent Denmark.

She joined AVSE Global in March 2021 as the director of the Taskforce Beyond Covid-19 project. With enthusiasm and a passionate patriotism toward her motherland (Vietnam), she wants to bring her knowledge and experience to contribute to Vietnam’s development, especially in upgrading the health care system.

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