Research & Development

AVSE Global’s Research and Development (R&D) Department brings together a network of more than 2000 scientists and experts from 20 countries around the globe. R&D activities are organized in many forms such as international seminars, strategic consulting projects, research reports, etc. on topics and fields such as education, finance, macroeconomics, etc. energy, engineering, planning. We have implemented and received funding for a number of research projects in collaboration with international partners, research institutions, universities and stakeholders. Through R&D activities, we strive to contribute to the strong and sustainable development of Vietnam.

AVSE Global makes key strategic contributions through various research activities.

Empowering Teachers for an Uncertain Future) Project​

ETUF (Empowering Teachers for an Uncertain Future) Project: Initiated by a group of Australian alumni, this project aims to build the capacity of in-service and pre-service teachers in Vietnam, particularly in Ho Chi Minh City. The goal is to equip them with the necessary skills to adapt to the digitalization of education and navigate the uncertainties of the modern world.

Enabling Sustainable Investment in ASEAN

OECD Report on "Enabling Sustainable Investment in ASEAN" by AVSE Global Finance and Banking Network (FBNet): AVSE Global's Finance and Banking Network (FBNet) has contributed to an OECD report titled "Enabling Sustainable Investment in ASEAN." This collaborative paper with ASEAN explores what host governments can do to attract sustainable investment and promote the benefits of investment for social and environmental objectives.

Climate transition research award

Successfully secure funding from the Climate Compatible Growth (Climate Compatible Growth – Providing research and global public goods to help countries develop strategies, plans, and policies to attract investment into low-carbon growth opportunities.) in conjunction with the UKAid. The topic is on Macroeconomic implications of the net-zero carbon transition in Vietnam.