Vietnam Global Leaders Forum (VGL)

The “Vietnam Global Leaders Forum” (VGLF) serves as a platform for prominent Vietnamese and Vietnamese-origin individuals who share a common goal of advancing the development and global positioning of Vietnam. In continuation of the achieved in 2019, this upcoming VGLF will symbolize a strategic resurgence, featuring activities dedicated to forging a collective alliance with our nation in order to surmount challenges, embrace opportunities, and collectively unleash the vast potential within our society.

As a nation with a burgeoning economy, Vietnam is committed to achieving developed and high-income status by 2045. VGLF 2024 will center around the overarching theme of “Vietnam Thriving in Change”, focusing on three key inquiries: first, the means to unite resources to awaken national potential and facilitate growth, second, how to enhance Vietnam’s global standing, and third, “How to harness and utilize the keys to success for breakthrough”.

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