February 25, 2024

The country needs pioneering young people / Nguyen Trong Hoang Nam

Having graduated with a master’s degree from the University of Bristol (UK) and worked in Europe and the US-ASEAN Business Council, Nguyen Trong Hoang Nam decided to return to his home country, turning down the career opportunities available abroad.

Currently holding the position of National Director of the Global Science and Expertise Organization (AVSE Global) in Vietnam, Nguyen Trong Hoang Nam is also the CEO of the social enterprise AVSE Corp. In a conversation with Tuoi Tre, this young man in his 30s said:

“Studying at a school consistently ranked among the top in the world was a memorable experience, helping me develop independence and self-management skills. Thanks to that, I became more confident in facing challenges and solving complex problems.”

I met many outstanding people from various countries. Some are holding important positions in their governments or have a passion for and invest in understanding public policies. For me, this is a valuable networking opportunity.

Returning to my homeland was an extremely right decision that I have never regretted.

“I have wanted to return for a long time”

“Was it challenging to decide to return when you had received job offers in the UK?”

“Actually, I had planned to return for a long time. I went to study independently, without any constraints. However, returning was not easy when faced with a significant reduction in income and changes in working culture.

Nevertheless, I still believe that returning was the right decision. I am closer to my family, eat better, and, above all, have opportunities for career development.

It’s true that I received job offers, but they were not entirely aligned with my direction. Joining AVSE Global in Vietnam, I work in my field, directly participating in various programs and projects with experts in many fields. I feel that I genuinely contribute and create value, working together to build the country.”

“And how did you return to your role and ongoing projects?”

“I directly manage the social enterprise AVSE Corp with dozens of ongoing projects. Among them, the UK AlumnInspire program won the Vietnam Challenge Fund Award 2023 from the British Council. This is a training program, providing free mentoring for UK alumni who aspire to become future C-level leaders.

I also participate in various community activities such as being the Executive Director of the UK Alumni Vietnam Association (UKAV), co-founder and Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Social Enterprise Community (VNSE), and a member of the Executive Committee of the Liaison Association with Overseas Vietnamese (ALOV) for the term 2019 – 2024.”

Young intellectuals turning towards homeland
“What circumstances led you to the role of National Director of AVSE Global in Vietnam?
“I joined AVSE Global in mid-2019 as a collaborator while pursuing my master’s degree. After working on several projects, I developed a passion for the work here and officially returned to Vietnam, participating in founding AVSE Corp – the social enterprise representing AVSE Global. I was appointed National Director in May of this year, and at that time, I felt a bit anxious.
AVSE Global has up to 12 professional networks with many scholars and young intellectuals. For example, Prof. Nguyen Duc Khuong – Chairman of AVSE Global, a member of the economic advisory board to the Prime Minister; Prof. Bui Thi Minh Hong – the second Vietnamese professor in the UK… I know that trust has been placed in me for this role, and I use it as motivation to strive, improve skills in various fields, and support projects to the best of my ability.”
Among the ongoing projects, what will be the standout project that AVSE Global is focusing on in the near future?”
“We will organize a symposium on the strategy for digital economic development at the Regional Political Academy II and the Vietnam Symposium in Global Economy Issues (VSGE) program at the Banking University of Ho Chi Minh City. We plan for 2024 to be the forum for influential Vietnamese figures. Ho Chi Minh City is still where we concentrate our projects and gather resources.
We welcome Vietnamese intellectuals from all over the world, and the young intellectual community in Ho Chi Minh City can participate in building the homeland through projects. AVSE Global’s activities aim to be meaningful, contributing to the country’s development while providing a platform for scientists and experts to exchange knowledge, creating opportunities for young intellectuals to learn and share experiences.
Contributing from anywhere
Nguyen Trong Hoang Nam graduated from the National Academy of Public Administration with outstanding results, laying a favorable foundation for his decision to study public policy in the UK. He joined the Party in 2017. He believes that each international student will have their reasons for staying abroad or returning home, but he still hopes to see more young people return, work directly, dedicate themselves, and contribute to building the homeland.
There are specific industries in the country that are not yet well-developed, so sharing knowledge on advanced countries to leverage strengths and contribute to science and technology can be discussed. “AVSE Global strives to be a destination, connecting and calling for resources from Vietnamese scientists and experts, wherever they are,” Nam explained.
Strong emotional attachment to the homeland
“If summarizing the common characteristics of the young intellectuals participating in AVSE Global, what would it be?”
“Each person has their own unique qualities, but most are strong-willed, ready to face challenges, and confident in their abilities. They have innovative thinking, are willing to seek new solutions for social and environmental issues, constantly connect, share, make efforts to learn and develop themselves.
But above all, those participating in AVSE Global have a strong emotional attachment to the homeland and a desire to contribute to the country’s development, considering dedication as a significant responsibility. This drives them to act, empathize, and unite because opportunities always come with challenges. Vietnam needs young, talented individuals willing to accept risks and pioneer the development of the country.”
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