Deputy Director, Directorate of Research, CNAM, France
Executive Training Network Director, AVSE Global

Thu Tra Nguyen, Ph.D.

Nguyen Thu Tra currently serves as the Director of the MBA Program at Cnam University in Paris, specializing in project management, sustainable development, international development, and e-commerce business. Holding a Ph.D. in strategic management and educational management, Dr. Nguyen’s research focuses on the emergence of leadership competence enhancement skills in MBA programs. She has also earned master’s degrees in management from two esteemed business schools in Europe and Asia: ESCP – Paris and AIT – Bangkok. In addition, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Economics from Foreign Trade University.
She plays a vital role in developing collaborative training and postgraduate programs with universities worldwide, particularly in European, Latin American, Chinese, and African countries. Currently, she holds the position of Director of Human Resources and serves as the Director of the Leadership and Public Administration Workshop Program at the Organization of Scientists and Vietnam globally (AVSE Global).