Assistant Professor in Accounting and Finance, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom
Innovation Network Deputy Director, AVSE Global

Hoang Linh Nguyen, Ph.D.

Linh H. Nguyen is an Assistant Professor in Accounting and Finance at The University of Nottingham. He obtained his PhD in Finance from the University of Exeter. Before joining the University of Nottingham, Linh worked as a Research Analyst at Spinnaker Capital Limited and Broad Reach Investment Management LLP in London. He also served as a Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance at De Montfort University.

His research interests lie in asset pricing, risk modeling, portfolio optimization, cryptocurrencies, and the application of Artificial Intelligence in Finance. Linh’s research has been published in various academic journals, including the Journal of Empirical Finance, the Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, Quantitative Finance, and the International Journal of Finance & Economics, among others.
Linh also serves as a referee for the International Review of Financial Analysis, the Journal of International Money and Finance, the Journal of Forecasting, the International Journal of Finance & Economics, and other finance outlets.
Since 2012, Linh has held the CFA Charterholder designation. He is currently Deputy Director of Innovation Network (InnoNet), a division of the Association of Vietnamese Scientists and Experts Global (AVSE Global).