Associate Professor of Strategic Management & MBA Program Director, IPAG Business School, Paris, France
Chief of Development Office & Economic Policy Director, AVSE Global

Phuong Tra Tran, Assoc. Prof.

Phuong Tra Tran is Director of the MBA program at IPAG Business School. She holds a PhD in Management Sciences from the Sorbonne Business School, as well as a Master in Applied Organizations from HEC Paris. Her research areas are strategy, organizational behavior, with a particular interest in public organizations and public private partnerships. She has published articles in peer-reviewed journals such as the International Journal of Industrial Organization, Journal of Industrial Economics and Journal of Business Research. She serves as co-chair of different annual international conferences such as International Research Meeting in Business, Administration and Management (France) and Vietnam Symposium on Leadership and Public Policy (Vietnam).

Being active in consultancy activities, she has managed various international projects on anti-corruption, international business, development strategy of local governments, public procurement, public-private partnerships with international organizations (International Organization of the Francophonie, OECD, Erasmus +) and national organizations (CNRS, French Energy Council, City of Paris).

Passionate about innovative teaching, she has built 100% digital learning, blended learning classes, as well as practiced reversed classes in her teaching.

With a strong will to contribute to the sustainable development of Vietnam, she serves as Director of the Economic Policy Network (AVSE Global), in which she has led policy briefs and projects of development strategy for cities and provinces in Vietnam.