April 22, 2022

VCCI wishes to cooperate with AVSE Global to build Vietnamese business culture

VCCI wishes to cooperate with AVSE Global to build Vietnamese business culture

22 APR, 2022


Of VCCI’s three strategic breakthroughs, including the business environment, business culture and digital transformation, AVSE Global can coordinate on Vietnam’s business culture.

Chairman of the Vietnam Federation of Trade and Industry (VCCI) Pham Tan Tan shared at the meeting with Mr Nguyen Duc Khuong – Member of the Prime Minister’s Innovation Advisory Group; President of AVSE Global – Vietnam Global Organization of Science and Experts, March 7.

According to VCCI President Pham Tan Tan, the culture of entrepreneurs and businesses has been mentioned a lot, but the national business culture is the whole nation’s culture. The “key” for Vietnam to compare with France, the US or European countries is the culture, not emphasising how much money to earn, how much GDP.

For example, the business culture of the Nordic countries is shared. Business achievements are shared with everyone. Therefore, the topic of Vietnamese business culture will be organised by VCCI into an annual forum. In many fields, such as entrepreneurial culture, consumer culture, press culture …

“Thus, AVSE can participate in comments on the development of Vietnamese business culture standards and business ethics so that on that basis to build trust for society,” VCCI President Pham Tan Tan proposed.

In addition, VCCI Chairman Pham Tan Said that AVSE could promote the strengths of human resources from experts both at home and abroad to contribute to domestic business reform. This is a massive demand of Vietnamese businesses.

Speaking at the meeting with Chairman Pham Tan And Business Forum Magazine on Introducing AVSE overview; Announcement of the Science for Development Platform; Cooperation in innovation investment for enterprises (VCCI) and connecting investment and business cooperation of Vietnamese enterprises with other countries, Mr. Nguyen Duc Khuong said, AVSE Global looks forward to cooperating with VCCI to change both the quality and quality among vietnam’s intellectual experts, At the same time, we introduced this team to the world.

Sharing about the orientation in the next 10 years of AVSE Global, according to Mr. Khuong, the organization is aiming to connect with innovation and sustainable development, creating a force of intellectual experts for domestic development.

In addition, AVSE Global also has an in-depth research and development program on the business environment, connecting businesses with the outside to make better innovation every day, applying innovation in management, administration and development of its own business. Train yourself, develop yourself, give yourself the ability to be both symbiotic and resistant to all the “shocks”.

“With the current epidemic situation, this demand will definitely increase. Because geopolitics elsewhere has changed but can still directly affect us, it is necessary to soon have a solution to respond more quickly in the coming time,” He said.

Along with that, AVSE Global also has activities related to the innovation ecosystem in the country. And one of the innovation spaces that AVSE Global wants to cooperate with VCCI is to create links and bring together businesses participating in Vietnam’s free trade agreements with key countries.

“This is a space that AVSE Global wishes to cooperate and develop with VCCI, so that introducing to foreign enterprises to domestic partners will be more convenient and simple,” Mr. Khuong shared.

According to Mr. Khuong, in the coming time, Vietnam needs to speed up the selection of suitable partners and look forward to cooperating with him. At that time, Vietnam’s development path will be shortened. “And this AVSE Global can support,” He stressed.

Introducing more innovation space that AVSE Global can promote the construction of space for businesses, avse global representative in charge of knowledge and projects said, here are consulting projects and organized at many different levels.

Among them are consulting projects on the province stretching from north to south, from the northern mountainous midlands to Ca Mau peninsula. This is followed by advising corporations, universities or state agencies, such as participating in a number of ministerial-level schemes.

In the field of knowledge, AVSE Global connects talent in many different fields both directly and indirectly. Directly, there are programs such as “Influential Vietnamese, ” a networking program in many different fields. Or the “One Global Vietnam” program – i.e. bringing all partners who want Vietnam to develop are connected. In particular, essential partners are investors of corporations. AVSE Global’s next platform is innovation, the motto being to connect innovation talents. This is a program we look forward to talking to VCCI.

Source: https://diendandoanhnghiep.vn/vcci-phoi-hop-avse-xay-dung-van-hoa-kinh-doanh-viet-nam-218444.html

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